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Back in Time to the '80s

So what is 80srewind?
ALL '80S ALL THE TIME! A complete blast from the past. It's as simple as that.

Right, so what am I allowed to post?
News and gossip, YouTube videos, graphics and icons.. You name it! So long as it isn't offensive or is non '80s related, you can post it. A great thing to do when posting is to use an appropriate tag for your entry. Other than that, do what you wish! Update as often as you like, go crazy! One thing to know is that many of the entries posted by us mods are members only locked - so if you don't join, you're probably missing out on the juiciest stuff!

Any rules?
Because we're just so awesome, we don't have any strict rules for you to follow. We allow pretty much anything, as long as it isn't offensive (as mentioned above). Please try to be considerate towards other members, though. Also if you have hoards of images to post, whack 'em under a cut and we won't yell at you :)

Who runs this place?
The very '80s obsessed vanillica & gloriafan!

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